Wedding Prep Part 2: Save The Date Flyers

September 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Kelsey and I are greedy. 

Married on a California beach this summer, we're going to do it all again in 2015.

Since the English contingent of our family and friends were not able to make our sudden sandy soiree this July gone, we're going for a big and proper wedding next spring too.  Technically we're already married but that won't stop us from having all the fun one more time and with more people along for the ride.  And so, plans are full steam ahead for this very indulgence.  First up: we picked a date and decided to help people remember it by sending them a card with that information printed on it.  Apparently this is called a 'save the date' card, and is somehow different to an invitation.  So eventually we'll be designing and sending both, but not at the same time.  I don't know how it works.  I'm still figuring all this out. 

Some offcuts of our 'selfies' to go with the save the date card/flyer thing

Going with our chosen stylings of 1950's tiki Hawaiian beach mermaid psychedelia (really), the card was always going to be the wrong side of absurd, with just enough cute, and lashes of wild color.  The front panel would hold all the essential info, together with space for address labels and a stamp, thus completing the postcard-from-tropical-paradise effect we wanted.  I included some images I shot at Venice Beach of various silhouettes cut against sky which I then bleached with various key colors and textures that compliment the overall wedding theme.  The double headed flamingo surfer is in there just to be weird.

Overall it is deliberately excessive, trippy and possibly difficult to look at.

The reverse panel would feature a strip of our photos, like what you might get from a booth.  So, queue selfie photo shoot.  Tropical, of course.

Info side of the card, complete with 14 different fonts - take that design squares!

Two strips of booth-style selfie photos are laid out next to each other, one for each of Kelsey and I.  There's a mini storyline of me crossing from my strip over into hers so we can be together.  I think this compliments the smuggery of our wonderful marriage in one simple idea, whereas others might think it over-the-top.  But then, what kind of 1950's tiki Hawaiian beach mermaid psychedelia wedding would it be if it wasn't over-the-top?  This is how we do.  

Photo booth style is authenticated with a cross-polar filter effect, heavy grain and plenty of saturation




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