Stormy Weather

July 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
DAVIDFEARN_20150521_KELSEY_PORTRAITS_001-004DAVIDFEARN_20150521_KELSEY_PORTRAITS_001-0042015 Los Angeles, USA. Kelsey at Griffith Park Observatory, 21 May

Fierce skies and blazing God rays piercing the clouds over Los Angeles.

A random picture made itself as Kelsey and I left the Griffith Observatory one afternoon.  I had my SLR with me and a handheld Speedlite flash to balance the subject with the radiant sky behind.  And of course since Kelsey always looks like she's walking in a runway show, these quick grabs have a decent fashion editorial look to them.  Happy days!

The sky has been touched up in Photoshop with a little dodge/burn to increase contrast and also a color gradient to exaggerate the surreal quality.  I don't get to do this often so its just a little fun here.



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