David Fearn | Camera settings for live music photography!

Camera settings for live music photography!

January 12, 2018  •  3 Comments



CAMERA SETTINGS slide E-triangleCAMERA SETTINGS slide E-triangle


David Head(non-registered)
This is great man
David Fearn
Thanks for visiting Ian!

I have little experience shooting live shows with 35mm but nonetheless I would suggest most of the above remains applicable - the critical things still being focus and exposure. You would need a very fast film whilst also dialing back your shutter speed - something like 1/60th can still achieve results and you may get lucky with some creative blurring of the action at even slower speeds.

I know excellent snappers shooting this same scene using 35mm point & shoot cameras which utilize built-in flash to freeze the action and automatic focus to simplify nailing the shot; my wife swears by the Nikon L35af although in my opinion the results are pretty flat.

I love my film cameras but I keep them for more careful, deliberate photo occasions - for the fast pace of rocknroll digital remains supreme!

Hope that helps and enjoy it out there!
Any tips for shooting a show with a 35 film camera ?
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